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[at-l] Arizona MiniGators Review

This past weekend I went backpacking with 4 other friends at Harriman State
Park, NY.  This was the first real test using the Arizona Minigators
<http://www.minigators.com/>.  Well they aren't made for trail running
shoes at all.  The just didn't fit properly.  So today I called MiniGators
in Seattle and they were real nice about it and explained to me that the
Arizona isn't made for trail running shoes.  He said the Trail Racer would
be the better choice.  He said they were designed for Eco-Challenge teams.
You put them on like a sock then after putting on sneaker you slide the
gator over the sneaker.  He mentioned with Eco-Challege they usually put
them at beginning of race and leave them on until race is over.  They will
exchange the Arizona for the Trail Racer.  All I have to do is mail mine
back.  I told him mine were dirty & he said no problem we just want to make
sure your happy with our product.  No that sounded real good to my ears.
He also said OR makes a Flextex low gator I maybe interested in.  I thanked
him for his help & I'll be mailing them back to them this morning.  Once I
get the Trail Racer I'll post my findings.  Both gators weigh 1.5 oz
See ya 
John O


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