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Re: [at-l] Hell-loooooo

> Now don't you want to post something about my underwear while
> you're at it?! Jeez...

Yeah, that Sloetoe...really acting up lately isn't he? The nerve
of that guy, huh? Mentioning underwear and all... I think I'll
look at RamBunny's website and see if anything is new there about
her ongoing thru-hike. Sloetoe's probably too busy mailing out
all that mound of stuff kept in the 2nd floor of his house. I
don't think I've ever seen than many ramen noodle packages in one
place before. Somekinda Tofu stuff piled on top of ramen on top
of dehydrated bean granules. The new American diet I guess.

> Give this man a long hike in the woods-
> Give Me Chocolate



PS: Now brassieres...there's the ticket Darlin'.

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