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[at-l] The Place Cleanup

I was asked to pass this along to the list - we still need more volunteers to 
help this weekend with the cleanup at The Place.  If there is any way you can 
make it, it would be much appreciated.  If we don't get some raised hands, 
I'm going to start just picking people at random . . . <vbg>

The Redhead

Hi AT friends,
>>Wanted to let u know about the following (PLS SPREAD THE WORD):
>>March 31-April 2 - April Fools Cleanup Weekend at "The Place" in Damascus,
>>Virginia. Damascus United Methodist Church is seeking volunteers to help
>>spruce up the interior of the hiker hostel "The Place." Materials will be
>>supplied. Please e-mail John O'Mahoney <mailto:johno@mail.monmouth.com> if
>>you plan to attend or have questions.
>>Please pass this msg on to any hikers that u have contact with...  Thanks..
>>See ya there...
>>Also u may see many other AT-related events at:
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