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[at-l] My trip

For all of you who have been giving me encouragement about my trip to Nepal, 
thought you would be interested in the email I got from my daughter who is 
over there about me landing in Kathmandu on April 5th: 

Well, I have some bad news for you.  There is an armed shutdown planned for
the 5th of April.  What does that mean?  That everything has to be shut down
for the whole day.  I most likely will not be able to convince a taxi driver
to take the risk in meeting you at the airport on that day.  I also don't
think I want to take the risk.  Is there any way that you can change your
flight plans so that you spend an extra day in Hawaii or Bangkok?  It
shouldn't be a problem on the other days.  Today is a "bandh" (a strike) and
most of the shops are actually open.  So I really don't think that other
days will be dangerous, but who knows what could happen on the 5th that is
supposedly "armed"  Nepal is a Third World Country with tons of corruption
in it's government, so the Maoists/ United Marxist Leninist Party want a
change.  They've been doing this since 1990 when Nepal became a democracy. 
Nothing I would worry about.  It would be best however to come on the 6th or
the 4th.  good timing, eh?  There are flights to Bangkok everyday which
usually aren't booked so it shouldn't be a problem to stay an extra day in
Bangkok.  You might like to spend a day in Bangkok.  There are nice places
to go and see in Thailand.  It's a very accessible city, not much to worry
about.  Might be a nice little adventure for you.  Linda could give you
advice about what to do.

Any ideas??  Leapfrog
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