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[at-l] trip reports

Okay, someone is shaking me down for trip reports. Hard to make these 
trail related, so I'll be brief:

El Paso - great Mexican food, great weather. Recommend Rosarita dried 
refried beans for backpacking. Made there. Delicious.

Belgium - great food, great architecture, great art, great CHOCOLATE, 
even good weather. Recommend a trip there as hike prep. Easy way to get 
lots of legwork in and lots of pre-trip eating. Did I mention eating?! 
;-> And, if you're there, a trip to the grocery store is mandatory. 
Instead of Liptons, they have Knorr--and in much more exotic varieties. 
For instance, I picked up pesto with roasted pepper. Also a huge 
selection of cup-of-soup mix, including seven vegetable. 

Enough? Time to go eat. I'm in the starvation stage of my  jetlag. Isn't 
pretty... (Don't stand between me and the food.)

Give Me Chocolate
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