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[at-l] Paula's thru, part two...

<forwarded from no-longer-Tentoes ... cheers, Navigator>

Hi Everyone,
I'm in Helen GA waiting for my shuttle back to Walasi-Yi for new boots.  HIke 
is going well, but my feet are getting chewed by my boots, so time for better 
ones.  Hopefully they will make my feet feel better so i can break my 8 mile 
day barrier.  I got out @ Unicoi after a full days hike and got a ride from 2 
girls from Atlanta who were camping up here.  We hung out together for 
dinner.  They were very nice and I'm thankful they were my ride.  The trail 
community is jelling and we are getting closer and everyone is very friendly. 
 My pace is slow, so I usually just see people for a day or 2, but on the 
trail, 3 meetings on a day makes you buds.
I saw Rick B. from the list.  He is Mossy Old Troll and was determined that I 
have a new trail name by the next am.  They all decided the rock story is too 
good not to base a name on, so I may become Rock Head.  Either that or 
Cheerio for being cheerful.  I'll keep you posted as to what name I end up 
with.  That night Troll seranaded us to sleep with his flute.  Amamzing 
laying in my bag in tent, staring out the windows @ stars & full moon and 
listening to haunting flute musuc wafting thru the nite...   Man I love this 

Have a hard climb today, actually 3 of them all in a row.  I'm gonna need 
those boots!  Gotta go take my vitamins and figure out how to hang my wet 
socks off my pack so they dont fall off.

PS - not sure if I told the rock story to you all...
When taking my first trail shower @ goose creek cabins, I found a few small 
rocks had hitched a ride buried in my hair.  It had gotten nappy from the 
weather and when I washed it, little rocks came out the poneytail!
My first thought of course was "Dang!  How long did I carry that extra 

Rock Head  /  Cheerio
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