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Re: [at-l] The great at-l corporation

     You wrote >>" how you could float a boat when half your employees
run away on nice days, and the other half are thinking of going hiking
    That's it! You have solved the co-operative attendance dilema! We
need a big sailboat on which we could rotationally sequester the design,
testing, and production teams while they complete their creation,
evaluation, and stitch-it-lace-it-plug-it-in-and see if works chores. We
also need a friendly island nation with less than strigent visa
requirements and a reliable supply of Guinness at the correct
temperature...the half of our employees who are hiking could network via
u-no-watts patched into arrl satellites, and yes, we have listers who
are hams who could do this too...Now, what to do with all the money that
will flow into the coffers of the " All Tied Up and Hiking It, Inc "
venture.....bags of cash and travellers' checks may trigger some
involuntary donations to someones' campaign fund...
Well, whatever... I get to steer the boat first...


" I shall tell you a great secret my friend. Do not wait for the last
judgement. It takes place every day."  Albert Camus

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