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[at-l] what we do

About six months ago I could confidently state I was a daddy to two awesome teenage girls, a husband to a mahvelous wife, and a lawyer. The husband gig ended last september and it's taken me a while to deal with that. In dealing with it I stopped lawyering and now, unable to locate employment, I was ready to chuck the whole shebang for a thru hike. I gave my self until this friday to find employment; after that, my last job was to pick up Orange Bug from his hike at New Found Gap ... I'd have left from there to Katahdin and yo yo 'd had I not found work Last Thrusday night.
So, I will stay a lawyer a while longer, which enables me to remain a daddy to my two girls. The youngest turns 18 in 5 years and after that, who knows.  Maybe I'll just walk and do odd jobs here and there.
I like the idea of raising goats.  Does the goat herder need a flute playing ex lawyer?
vocate atque non vocate deus aderit
FN:David F Addleton
NOTE:vocate atque non vocate deus aderit