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[at-l] The great at-l corporation

At 04:33 PM 3/23/00 -0600, goinggoinggone@webtv.net wrote:
>....: does not
>anyone else see what a collaboration amongst a BDSM designer, a few
>Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and Software Designers could
>produce. We even have Nurses and Drs. to tend to the inevitable
>testing-phase casualties, and Marketing and Ad people to sell the final

Yeah, I pondered something like that a few days ago when all the diversity
and capability became evident, but then wondered how you could float a boat
when half your employees run away on nice days and the other half are
thinking of going hiking somewhere...  Brings to mind an old joke, with a
little adaptation...

It was lunch hour on a sunny day in late spring and two employees of the
fabulously successful new Appalachian Dynamics company, KC and TJ, were
strolling back to work with their CEO, Mr. Bear, who had treated them to

They spied a discarded brass oil lamp in the shrubbery and out popped a
genie!  "Three wishes shall be yours," the genie exclaimed.  It was easily
decided that each would get one wish.

KC went first: "I'd like to be on the AT, heading north from where I left
off last time, with super feet and all new equipment, including titanium
pots and (in hushed voice), a can of pepper spray."  Whoosh... she was gone!

TJ went next: "I'd also like all new equipment and to be on the summit of
Katahdin, ready to start my southbound thruhike, with an invisible
black-fly shield, and (in a much lowered voice) a nifty Nokia
Communicator!"   Shazam!  He was outa there.

Mr Bear straightened his tie and gave his wish: "I want both of those two
back in the office by 1:30!" 
The Wizard!  Too many directions at once! 
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