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Re: [at-l] What we do

What i "do?" This is NOT the time in my life to answer that question as 
confidently as i would like, but here goes. I started during college as a 
phototypesetter (a job which, since PC's became so prominent, has become 
obsolete). After my bachelor's degree in '78, i returned for an associate's 
degree to get a job that paid more and meant more than phototypesetting and 
then i worked as an RN for 18 years, mostly neonatal intensive care.

The last couple of months has seen me leave nursing to go into the idea of 
selling real estate. I have an agent's license and a business partner 
(husband with 12 years real estate experience) and we work for the same 
broker. It is slow and frustrating getting started in a self-starter type 
business. It is a definite mind shift to go from anticipated biweekly 
paycheck to a one of these days, i could do a transaction.

What helps is remembering my first days on the AT in '98 when in addition to 
my very slow pace, i had almost no experience in setting up and breaking 
camp. My lack of knowledge and organization drove me nuts. I learned what i 
needed to then. I shall learn what i need to now. 

Now, can i help anyone buy a home or sell a house here in Arizona? How about 
a referral to a good agent near you? Will also provide rides to the AZ Trail 
as part of overall service. <G>

Second Chance
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