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Re: [at-l] KY Dept. of > Agriculture

In a message dated 3/22/00 20:31:54, thewitt@fairchildsemi.com writes: Sarasw 

>> Before that I was a  writer/editor/PR person for the KY Dept. of 
>> Agriculture
>Don't tell me, this is where they grow the stuff they make that
>jelly out of...right?

Paddler, you must be an agricultural person. Most folks only notice the 
bourbon, tobacco, and horses when they visit KY, but I take it you noted all 
the jelly beans growing in western KY, where they are one of our best row 

And of course it helps the economy to have the processing plants to turn all 
those acres of beans into jelly. So . . . .right. :-D
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