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[at-l] itinerary of itinerant; final draft

Hi everyone,
	Thanks for previous suggestions, they really helped!  Okay, I'm pulling
the plug on my computer this morning (around 8 or 9, it's about 3 am right
now), so this is either for the early risers OR anyone willing to send
comments to my new email address:  itinerant_ej@yahoo.com  I'm not sure if
this will be the final address (it's been pointed out to me that perhaps
"itinerant" is too complicated and I should just stick to ejbaker, we'll
see), but it is up and running for now.  I'm putting together maildrops on
Sunday and Monday so any early feedback is quite welcome.
	1.  how do these look in general?
	2.  If I'm trying to winnow down to under 12, what ones would you suggest
		thanks, am a bit incoherent these days but still working on it (and going
out dancing till 1 tonight was prob. not the best thing to do, but got to
say goodbye to a lovely community and add some dance blisters to my feet).
	Off to bed now, thanks again!

3/30  Take off--yes am prob. doing the approach trail (what's another day
of going up, anyway)

1. 4/03  Neels Gap/Walasi-Yi Center
       Mountain Crossings
	9710 Gainesville Highway
	Blairsville, GA  30572
	(priority mail going out Monday)
2. 4/09-10  The Blueberry Patch
	  5038 U.S. Hwy. 76
	  Hiawassee, GA  30546
        (UPS only)

4/14 Franklin  resupply in town as nec.

3. 4/17-18 Nantahala Outdoor Center
	 13077 Hwy. 19W
	 Bryson City, NC  28713
        must be marked "hold for A.T. Hiker"
	 (UPS and Fed Ex only)

	Jeff and Nancy Hoch
	Hwy. 28, Box 5
	Fontana Dam, NC 28733

4. 5/01 Hot Springs long term resupply and mail drop
	General Delivery
	Hot Springs, NC  28743

5/06-7 Erwin resupply (call daRedhead)

5. 5/12-13 Dennis Cove/Kincora mail drop
	Kincora Hiking Hostel
	1278 Dennis Cove Road
	Hampton, TN  37658

5/17-18 Damascus VA resupply (pos. stay for trail days 19/20)

5/25 Bland VA resupply
5/28-29 Pearisburg VA resupply
6/03-4 Troutville VA resupply
6/07 Tyro VA resupply

6. 6/13-14 Waynesboro VA mail drop and resupply
	General Delivery
	Waynesboro, VA  22980

6/22 Bears den  resupply

7. 6/24 Harpers Ferry
	799 Washington St.
	Harpers Ferry, WV  25425

6/30 Boiling Springs PA resupply

8. 7/05 Duncannon PA mail drop
	General Delivery
	Duncannon, PA 17020

7/09-10 Delaware Water Gap--parents/resupply

7/16-17 Bear Mountain NY resupply

9. 7/22 Salisbury CT
	General delivery
	Salisbury, CT  06068

7/24 Great Barrington resupply?

10. 7/28 Mt. Greylock
	Bascom Lodge
	P.O. Box 1800
	Lanesboro, MA  01247
	(send packages early, picked up 2x a week)
7/30-31 Bennington resupply

8/03 Manchester resupply

11. 8/06   The Inn at the Long Trail
	Sherburne Pass
	U.S. 4, Killington, VT  05751
	(UPS only)

8/09 Norwich/Hanover resupply

12.  8/12 Glencliff NH--mail drop (winter clothing)

	General Delivery
	Glencliff, NH  03238

8/14 North Woodstock NH resupply

13. 8/19 Pinkham Notch

	AMC Visitors Center
	c/o Front Desk
	N.H. 16, Gorham, NH  03581
	(UPS only)

?  Andover, ME resupply

8/27 Rangeley--resupply

8/31 Stratton --resupply

14. 9/04 Monson
	Shaw's Boarding House
	Pleasant Street, Monson, ME  04464

15. 9/13?? 
	Baxter State Park
	64 Balsam Drive
	Millinocket, ME  04462
	(send early, pick up 1x a week)

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