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Re: [at-l] converting

Yes. The Liter is the unit of volume. 

To convert from cubic inches to liters: cu. in. * 0.0163 = liters
For example: 3500 * 0.0163 = 57.05 liters.

If you want to turn that into mililiters just multiply that result by 
1,000. A cubic inch contains 16.3 mililiters.

By the way one cubic inch is about 0.55 fluid ounces (US). A liter is 
around 61 cubic inches.

There are many web sites that have measurement conversion calculators. 
Here are a few:

[ actually there is a nicer one, better interface, but I don't seem to 
have it marked. ]

  ** Ken **

On 3/24/2000 11:21 PM Wisperlight miller84@matrix.newpaltz.edu wrote:

>how does one convert from CUBIC INCHES to LITERS?
>how big is a mili-liter is it 1x1 x1 mili-meter?

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