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[at-l] The Watermelon Truck (was: Life with Earthworm)

Felix wrote:

> My life with Earthworm started in the summer of '67. She was a hippy
> chick travelling with the Jimi Hendrix Experience...
> Next thing I know, me and Earthworm are in the back of a watermellon
> truck travelling around the south. What a summer we had...

	What he neglected to mention was that when he was tired of me,
he and his ferrets just took off, leaving me with a truckload of
watermelons (only one "l", Felix...I should have taught him how to spel,
too.) to get rid of.  I've been out on the highway trying to sell 'em the
last few days, that's why I haven't responded to this sooner.  I still
have a few left.  Cheap. Contact me off-list if you want one.  They're
valuable antiques now, but I've got a special price for list members.
	-- eArThworm

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