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Re: [at-l] Where is Chocolate?

>>> Datto <datto992@yahoo.com> 03/24/00 01:38PM >>>
> I'm sorely tempted, but she made me promise NEVER
> to tell -- and I can understand why! > Isn't it driving you wild, folks?

Well I'll go ahead and spill the cat out of the ol' bean.
She makes chocolate flavored edible attire for
Dominent/submissive activities. Datto

######  Wrong! And Rude!!!
Gimme Chocolate has in fact a very distinguished University position, which
she came to after years of steady academic efforts, and through extremely
discrete use of "silenced" small calibre fire arms. When you think about it,
Gimme's efforts at blending in are bested only by our celluloid friends from
"Men in Black"  and at the end of that movie, the M.I.B. squad hires its
first "line" woman, "El" (who first worked with "Jay" and "Kay"). Has nobody
noticed how GMC hikes lite-n-swift? Blends into a crowd?  Dresses in black?
(According to her, down to her undies. I swear I have no first, ah, hand,
knowledge.) (God, I crack myself up. Still reading?)

Like the celluloid M.I.B., our real life GMC uses a mass-communication
subterfuge to communicate secret messages in plain sight  instead of The
National Enquierer, she/they use  hold on to your shorts now  the at-l!
Anyone remember the URL for Milt's on-the-job camera? A lie; a fiction. Do
you really think Felix or Solar Bear write that way on purpose?
Puh-leeeease. No, our GMC is off-list right now, for sure, but in Mexico on
vay-kay? Righttttt. She's off on a non-domestic assignment. Watch the
papers, or "Inside edition" - you'll hear about something dramatic happening
on the global geopolitical scene, and then back'll come GMC to the list,
la-tee-da, and her cover position at "some Kansas university" or something,
probably as an art history person or something. Gimme a break.

Deep Throat.


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* From the AT-L |  Need help? http://www.backcountry.net/faq.html  *