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Re: [at-l] and what do you do for a living?

As much as I haven't contributed in a long time I decided this thread was
worth a couple of words from me because it is different from those I have
read so far.

I am a goat rancher/medical transcriptionist.  Rather an odd combination. 
I moved to NC with my husband about 3 years ago and had to come up with a
way to make a living in poverty-stricken Madison County when I am so far
out in the mts. that driving to work became not real feasible.  We own 40
acres here.  My husband is helping to destroy Sam's Gap by working on that
road, I-26, from Sam's Gap to Mars Hill.  

During the day I take care of the goats, performing midwife duties in the
springtime.  Goats require guard dogs so I have 3 of those besides my house
dog, Great Pyrennes.  These are meat goats and as much as you would think
goats don't take a lot of care, they do if you are going to sell them for a
profit. Then I run back into the house and transcribe medical notes from
physicians until I want to scream, especially when it is so beautiful
outside like it is today.  Once in a great while I will get to hike a
little.  Hope to be in Hot Springs for Trailfest this year even though it
isn't anything like Trail Days in Damascus.  At least I get to see a hiker
or two.  

So, if anyone wants to know about Boer goats, just get in touch with me;-)

The Highlander

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