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Re: [at-l] Dogwood Half-Hundred

Gary —
On the far outside chance you haven't been answered yet, the Old Dominion 100 is one of the premier ultramarathons of the US. Major biggie. I would even be so bold to say "David Horton" size.  (Hyuck yuck yuck. We have one of the premier ultra-runners listening in on this list, and it's like this big secret. Shhhh! Don't tell!)
--Mr. ITBFS 

>>> Gary Ticknor <garyticknor@starpower.net> 03/22/00 10:05PM >>>
When hiking up on Massanutten Mouton las Sunday, I noticed signs for something called the OD 100
And before the flames come pouring in, Mr Horton, my nephew run marathons and came in 4th in the Marine Corps Marathon.

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