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[at-l] What we do...

Wow, this thread is just great!  I just got back from a short trip and
look at what I've been missing!  Such a diverse group.  I am an Athletic
Trainer (guess my sig gives that away...).  This is a wonderful career
where you get to work with great kids on a daily basis (underline daily -
usually 6 days a week sometimes 7) helping them get back to athletics
after being injured.  We also pride ourselves on doing whatever we can to
keep them from getting injured in the first place..... Basically we are
the first ones to see the boo-boo and the one who takes them to the doctor
if needed, the rehab supervisors, tapers, bandagers....  In short we are
the institutional "Moms"... Put on your coat, Where is your mouthguard,
Why are you not wearing your shin pads.... Or the athletes will ask.... I
lost my......Do you have a (fill in the blank)? .....etc, etc.   I am also
personally fortunate to work here at Wellesley where all the students are
way smarter than me, and thus are so interesting to talk to - always doing
all these amazing things like discovering new black holes, working with
fossils of extinct animals, going to study abroad in all corners of the

The other best part is summers off!!  I don't work from mid june to mid
august.  Still I am beginning to wonder if the schedule is worth it, as it
keeps me from doing so many fun things throughout the year.  And if I had
a dollar for every family event I have had to miss....... I did manage to
get away to the Gathering last Oct (Thanks, Beau!), but don't see how
that'll happen again anytime soon.   Maybe someday I'll get the guts to
find out if there's something else out there I'd like better that didn't
have such a demanding schedule for most of the year.  

Ah well, gotta go pack supplies for a lacrosse tournament this
weekend....At least I'll be outside.


Sharon Sharpe
Head Athletic Trainer
Wellesley College
Wellesley MA

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