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[at-l] Trail Necessities

> Mags wrote:
> > A 10500 CI pack... geeze louise!

Here's why a person needs that 10,500 ci pack -- it's a 12 lb

Well heck, you're gonna need the three-burner Coleman stove too
-- only weighs 10 lbs empty -- you can handle it:

Felix, that's what the radiator clamps were for -- to hold the
copper tubing from the 5 gallon Coleman fuel tanks up to the
nozzles of the 3-burner Coleman stove so the turning spit would
roast the turkey evenly. 


PS: "gypsy-blazing" -- You drag your things up the Approach Trail
to Black Gap Shelter, just below the summit, then just
permanently move in there with your stuff because you're so
wasted. Next year, get Springer Fever, drag your stuff up past
the summit to Springer Mountain Shelter. Move in there for the
year because you're wasted again. Hey...this doesn't sound too
bad after all when you look at this picture:

It's all relative people...all relative.

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