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[at-l] misc.

1) been out for a few days, am whey behind on lotz, including emails. I will get back to you before Midnight, tonight. Ugh.

2) For those who've seen it, I returned the home-office-from-hell to usable form; was up to midnight last night doing it. Ugh. <Picture Mr. MaGoo's broom closet but with paper instead of janitorial supplies.>

3) For those who walk ultralight, or who run ultralong, or who're simply interested in the "trail runner" shoe (*not* trail "shoe" but trail *running* shoe), go to the newsstand today and pick up a copy of the bimonthly Trail Runner magazine. Great primary article/shoe guide on trail runners, another on South Carolina/Greenville area, and 75% of the ads are from companies like Feathered Friends or Western Mountaineering. Mag looks pretty lightweight (journalism-wise — no, I didn't weigh it), but it's got some great pics and is cheap.

4) There was something else, but it's slipped my mind. It'll have to wait.

I'll get back to those personal emails!!!!!
Best to all.

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