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[at-l] Tentoes on the Trail, part one

(forwarding this from Paula "TenToes" Anderson for your Springer Fever fix. 
Recieved Mar 22, 11 am ... Navigator)

Hi Everyone,
I arrived yesterday afernoon at Walasi Yi, around 4:30, after my first 8 mile 
day.  For my hikig buds - the descent off Blood truly sucks, some of it was 
like they were trying to make a Mahosuc Notch of the south.  First we have to 
come down those rock slabs ( were my toes EVER going to separate from the 
tips of my boots?) then those UPHILL boulder scrambles... Aren't we suppossed 
to be descending??  I was thankful for the cordura patch on the rear of these 
pants cuz otherwise I would have left the seat of my trusers behind.  I 
didn't want to stop, remove pack to stow my lekis, we all know whats @ the 
bottom & time was valuable here, but they sure made it tough to fully use my 
hands to navigate.  Other than that moment, the hike is going awesome - I'm 
loving it!  We've only had bad weather a little.  it was a doosy, but at 
least the day after was dry so we could dry out gear.  Gooch Gap looked like 
a hiker garage sale with stuff strewn on every bush, log and wherever a 
string could be tied btwn trees!  It seems that in a huge driving major rain, 
wind, thunder, lightning storm that rain will come in the nomad windows when 
the wind pushes it hard enough.  I had dirty debris half way up the sides of 
the tent from bouncing off the ground.  I also had a pond inside.  I was very 
glad I paid attention to quick dry qualities.  I had tried to rig my pack 
cover over the side window, it kept the rain off me, but channeled it right 
to the tent floor.

The views from the top of the mtns make the climbs worth it.  I'm getting 
stronger and dont have to stop much more to take breaks during climbs.  I'm 
doing major granny gear uphill but its working & I can just plow up & still 
be able to breath @ the top!

Feet are good.  Held off the blisters with compeed until the @#^%#$$@ descent 
off Blood yesterday.  I've only got 2 and they arent bad, one on big toe, one 
on a small one.  heels are great.  all in all, i've got fewer pains than I 
thought I would.  My hardest challenge was finding something to wear while my 
clothes were being washed!  Had some amazing moments sitting on mountain tops 
watching the hawks play in the thermals right in front of me...  I've got a 

Taking the day off here to rest & re-organize.  will send update whan I hit 

Thanks for all the supporting emails and thanks Amy for stopping by before I 
left MD!  Hope alls well with everyone.

Opps!  almost forgot.  Turtle from the list was here yesterday and was 
looking for me.  Tell him I was up @ Walasi Yi when he left cuz the Goose 
creek guy said he was @ the cabins but I had just arrived and hadn't had my 
pack fitted etc so I waited for last shuttle & he said Turtle had left while 
he was out.  Let him know I'm sorry to have missed him.  My pack feels like a 
whole new animal now, much lighter feeling now its in the right place.

Also, I've decided not to use TenToes as my trail name and will hopefully get 
a new one soon!

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