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Re: [at-l] What I Do (was Life with Earthworm)

>Delita!! Keywest to Seattle!! I've dreamed of this as one of 3 things I'd
>like to do, 3 big adventures. When I was in grade school I hated reading.
>No, I hated school but that's another story. Anyway, I was give a book to
>read......which I didn't. But! I browsed through it mostly looking at the
>picture. One I will always recall. It was the author, standing astride
>his bike in Seattle. You guessed it, he had just finished a ride from Key
>West, in 1946.   Hopeful

Yikes!  You mean this isn't original???

Okay, 2006, all of us - having long since hiked the AT once or twice - will
gather with our volunteer sag wagon in Key West and head for Seattle...


Delita Wright
Future AT Thruhiker
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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