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Re: [at-l] jobs


Your life followed a natural transition.
From law enforcement with handcuffs and dogs (with rope & beans), 
to a dominatrix with whips & leather bondage supplies.
I would say you showed some "restraint" in your description.....

As for B & D... Well, we all knew it took Discipline to hike the trail.... 
Wish I could 
have shared her campfire on the trail... Bet it was interesting....

Russ (SMB& D master........Slow Meandering Backpacker and daydreamer....)

In a message dated 03/23/2000 3:42:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tmoore@chicago.avenew.com writes:

<< Please tell us this is another one of your jokes, right. If not, I guess 
 could say you lead a.....uh...... interesting life :-)
 Regards, Tim
 KC wrote: (in her effort to stir the pot once again)
 > I used to be in law enforcement (favorite was K-9 work),,,did many many
 > different kinds of jobs in my life time,,, and now,,,I am a kept womyn,,,I
 > am training as a Dominatrix ,,,I also make leather equipment for the BDSM
 > (Bondage/Discipline, Dominant/submissive, Sado/Masochist)community,,,I am
 > also involved in a local BDSM and Gay/Lesbian/Transgendered/Bisexual
 > political group. I have finally found my niche in life!!!!
 > KC
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