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[at-l] Re: what we do for a living

I am a psychologist and I have spent 25+ years in academe. I'll never get
rich but I have a great job.  I get to do so many different things that I
never get bored. I get to teach, do research, provide clinical type services
and supervision, consult, and talk to bright, young people most of the day.
I administer a memory disorder clinic where we aim to detect Alzheimer's
Disease and otherwise provide services for elder individuals, so I also get
to hear great stories of people's lives. I am the faculty representative to
the NCAA so I can even get my sports fix in an institutional way. The only
thing that would make my job better would be to live 500 miles closer to the
Trail. On the other hand, living in east central Florida where I can be
outside in delicious sunshine almost every day of the year ain't bad.

Frank in Palm Bay

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