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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

I am currently a middle-age low-level computer geek in the Decision Support
Systems department of GTE Directories.  We use Unix to query the company
database for our marketing, sales and finance people.  Some days I like the
challenge; other days ...

In past lives I've worked in the hotel, mobile home sales, voice messaging,
livestock auction and country club industries.

I'm a newbie hiker, only been once, but for some reason it's something I
really want to do.  I live in Texas so there aren't many mountains to train
on and it's too hot and dry to backpack most of the time.  I'm a little
nervous about backpacking by myself and am looking for a partner.  So far my
family and friends just think I'm nuts.  My daughter talked about hiking
with me on the AT this summer but called today to back out.  I'll get out
there anyway!

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