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Re: [at-l] jobs

In a message dated 3/23/00 5:34:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
goinggoinggone@webtv.net writes:

> does not
>  anyone else see what a collaboration amongst a BDSM designer, a few
>  Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and Software Designers could
>  produce. We even have Nurses and Drs. to tend to the inevitable
>  testing-phase casualties, and Marketing and Ad people to sell the final
>  products...I see a cyber-hyker commercial juggernaut of a company just
>  itching to be born. I bet we even have a few millionaire hikers out
>  there who could invest some start up capital. And I know there are some
>  poet/philosophers out there who could chart an ethical path through the
>  jungle of judgmental conventionality
>  that might impede any potential products' marketability.

Count me in!!!  Have tutu, will travel!!!!!   :)

Happy trails,

Solar Bear

"The true profession of a man is to find his way to himself."  Still looking, 
but I'm not finding any blazes.  :)
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