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[at-l] security...

Cobweb wrote:

>      In Maine last fall Pittsburgh planted a
> subversive thought in my mind that's been eating at
> me. "Security isn't all that It's cracked up to be"
> (or something to that effect).  So, who knows?  Next
> spring may find me in Georgia again.

Stepping up on soapbox (and out of character) -

How many of you feel that you are "secure" in your job?  How many of you
have had that "security" fall out from under you?

Never expect your "job" to be there tomorrow.  Never rely on the "goodwill"
of others.  Always assume that others do not have your best interests at
heart.  Create your own security.  Make your own way...

Stepping down from soapbox -

Pittsburgh the Subversive

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