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Re: [at-l] Occupations

I'm an engineer by profession, like Wingfoot and Ray Jardine.  My last 
long-term job was in Saudi Arabia as a researcher for the state oil company 
(hence the trail name Camel).

One of my previous jobs was for Space Shuttle and Space Station hardware.  I 
was a technical analyst for the Space Station water processor.  We had to 
process urine and shower water and turn it into drinking water.  I also 
worked on the infamous Space Station toilet.  I was responsible for "odor 
control".  At least I could say their sh*#s don't stink!

The job after my thru hike only lasted a few months.  I was threatened my 
second week on the job.  I decided that the crap and stress wasn't worth it.  
My perspective on what I would take and what was important had changed after 
my thru hike.  

When I was in Saudi Arabia we talked about the two buckets - the cash bucket 
and the crap bucket.  When one of the buckets overflowed, you knew it was 
time to leave Saudi Arabia.  I think this philosophy works for a thru hike.  
Of course, most people don't have an overflowing cash bucket.  But, you can 
save and live beneath your means to help the cause.  I wanted to thru hike 
when I was 20 but wasn't able to do it until I was 40.

The PCT may be in the cards for me this year.  I'll extend my sabbatical for 
another year.

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