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[at-l] re: Life with Earthworm...

... or, what have i done with my life?

out of college i was a land use and environmental planner for a law firm in
CT.  that drove me to my (as yet, first) AT thruhike, then back to school.
after the mba, i was controller for royal robbins, an outdoor clothing firm
in CA.  warning: working in the industry of your passion can lead to a
garage full of equipment.  but i've always wanted to start my own biz, so i
quit rr, did some research, wrote a business plan, and jumped right in by
going for a PCT hike.  now i am a partner in a fledgling landscape design
endeavor, which is going well so far.

one of the only constants over the last decade is that i am a professional
Trail Days attendee and exhibitor.

ke kaahawe
AT92  TYT94  PCT/2 99

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