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[at-l] what we do

I've found this thread really interesting. So many different ways to make a 
life! (and a living)

But I did something I thought was interesting on my PCT thru-hike -- I didn't 
ask anybody what they did for a living. I think sometimes we put people in 
boxes -- we think of someone one way because he/she is a doctor, and someone 
else another way, because she/she is a blue-collar worker. I wanted to just 
get to know the people I met as people. I didn't ask their ages, either. If 
they volunteered what they did, fine (Maybe it was really important to them, 
as my work is to me). If they didn't ever say what they did, I didn't ever 
ask. I've been in touch with some of these people since, seen them at hiker 
gatherings -- still don't know what they do! 

But if anyone's curious, I'm a freelance writer and occasional editor for 
GORP.com (Check it out, all you potential writers -- It's a great outdoor 
site, and I'd be happy to look at your material.)  It's a good life -- hike 
and write, hike and write, hike and write. 

Karen Berger 
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