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Re: [at-l] Dogwood Half-Hundred

> When hiking up on Massanutten Mouton las Sunday, I noticed signs for
> called the OD 100 - something about a 100 mile(!) 24 hour endurance run.
> trail I was coming down where I saw this was STEEP! Rocky, too. Anyone
> anything about this nonsense? And before the flames come pouring in, Mr
> Horton, my nephew run marathons and came in 4th in the Marine Corps
> But THAT particular form of insanity doesn't run (pun, see) in this
> - Gary from Fairfax, whose nephew thinks he crazy to hike when he could
run ;)
> > Just learned that the PATC Dogwood Half-Hundred filled in record time
> > year - two weeks.  If you decided to wait, now it's too late.
> >
> > Chainsaw

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