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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

I am a Civil Engineer for a southeastern US consulting company.  Most of my
work is routine water distribution and sewer collection.  The glamorous live
of an engineer working with water is very simple.... I just have to remember
that water does not flow up hill without a pump,  and St, flows downhill.

I am constantly being stretched in many directions by my family and other
responsibilities..... therefore my hiking time is a small and precious
commodity.  Every time I think I can even attempt to attend an AT function
at Hot Springs or Damascus (relatively close to my home in Knoxville)
something else comes up.

I enjoy absorbing the information off of the list, because I have so little
time go out and "learn" what I need to know for an eventual through hike.

David (Who is no longer saying yes to new responsibilities)
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