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[at-l] and what do you do for a living?

I've changed the thread name...

I reside in a cubicle and stare at computers all day.  I am referred to as a
draftsman or designer or engineer, depending on where I am working.  For
most of the last 20 years, my home has been on the road, working for one or
two or three companies a year, placed there by technical employment
agencies.  I am what is known as a "job shopper".  Cities I have worked (in
this order since 1979) - Pittsburgh PA, Orlando FL, New Port Richey FL,
Plymouth FL, Boston MA, Orlando FL, Marion OH, West Palm Beach FL, Akron OH,
West Palm Beach FL, Pittsburgh PA, West Palm Beach FL, San Diego CA,
Huntington Beach CA, San Diego CA, Roanoke VA, Pittsburgh PA, Syracuse NY,
Indianapolis IN, Cincinnati OH, Phoenix AZ, Cincinnati OH, Dearborn MI, Los
Angeles CA, Selmer TN, Orlando FL, New Holland PA, LaFayette GA, York PA,
and presently Clarksville TN.  I have probably missed a few..

In 1995 I became interested in the Appalachian Trail, and first set foot on
the trail as a hiker on March 12, 1996, at Springer Mountain.  Since then, I
have worked winters and been on the trail summers.  For those of you that do
not know, I have a company that supports hikers along the Appalachian Trail.
It is all a glorified ploy to allow myself the luxury of living six months
of my life each year to the fullest.  I hike when I can (2500 AT miles so
far), and Angel when I can't.  Because of all of this, I have met the
finest, the most generous, the most understanding people in the world.  You
all keep me sane in the winter, the trail keeps me sane in the summer...


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