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[at-l] What is a "thruhiker?"

I like what Jim wrote. I have sorta though about this but I keep getting
stuck on the stupid part. A      coworker once asked me why I do this,
hiking. I thought about it for awhile and I wanted to tell him that if he
had to ask then he wouldn't understand. Well, that seems like a rude
answer. I wasn't being rude, it's just what I thought. In the end, I told
him I figured I had some mental disorder. He didn't disagree.

After reading the Life With Earthworm posts, I couldn't help noticing how
many writer wantabees there are among us. It makes me wonder if there
isn't some poet living in every hiker. It is usually during a section
hike, when I have time to shuck off the "real world" and revel in the
better world that I feel a strong desire to write. I look forward to my
hikes for several reasons, certainly one is "inspiration."

Oh, I work for IBM.......but only because my wife makes me.
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