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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

Navigator wrote,
> Just want to publicly thank Earthworm for not only putting me up for a week 
> whilst I browse the FL State Archives, but also cooking, cleaning, doing 
> laundry...geez! I'm not used to this! She went well beyond the call of duty 
	Shush...now I'll have every writer wanna-be knocking on the door.
First Felix, now you.  <VBG>  But you see, there are benefits.  Seeing how
writers operate, how hard they work, being able to pick their brains about
how publishers do things, and--best of all--getting to read the final
product.  Love it.

	Earthworm, the ultimate reader and patron of writers.

Linda L. Patton, Reference Librarian, Strozier Library, Florida State Univ.
      Tallahassee, FL 32306-2047 (850)644-5019 lpatton@mailer.fsu.edu
          "A world without wilderness is a cage." -- David Brower
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