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Re: [at-l] My last post >sniff<

<< Auntie?? I am not THAT old 

"Old" is merely a label.  Those of us who hike, do so without them. (unless 
we're in Hot Springs<g>)

- cousin maybe, sister, despised ex-friend,  whatever :) >>

Now, now.  Several of Cassy's "aunts" are close to her age.  But I have to 
confess, I am closer here to "despised ex-friend" than the other two, when it 
comes to you, POG.  Have I pissed you off lately??  You call me "dear" . . . 
I still call you friend ;-)

So, POG darling, you gonna be mad 'cause I've been teaching Cassy "Auntie 


The Redhead ( thinking I'm *never* gonna get a free night in GA.)
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