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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

I am an underemployed compuer programmer. Granted that is probably mostly 
my fault because I choose not to do Windows work, but... I've had the 
pleassure of working on rojets that actually might do some good if they 
ever see the light of day. I've gotten to work with non-mainstream stuff 
which is often vastly better to work with and a lot more interesting.  
I'm beginning to wonder if I should do something else though I'm not sure 
what (science, education, writing, these are all things that interest me).

I also do a lot of volunteer work. I spend a good deal of time at The Ark 
<www.a2ark.org> (4 shows this week:  Luka Bloom, Groupa, Robert Earl 
Keen, and Hot Club of Cow Town) which is a non-profit club that has 
showcased music performers for over 30 years here in Ann Arbor. I also do 
volunteer work at the Hands On Museum which is an interactive science 
museum for children and adults alike.  Getting people to explore the 
world around them can be a lot of fun.

If I could get to place to hike (kayak, snowshoe, ski) more easily I 
would certainly do hiking than I currently do. But, the logistics of 
getting to a trail head are often much tougher than the actual hike 
itself to work out.

  ** Ken **

**  Kenneth Knight    Web Design, IT Consultant, Software Engineer  **
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