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[at-l] itinerary of itinerant; reprise

Hi everyone,
	here's my second draft.  Any immediate comments would be much appreciated.
 Fate has been severely testing me this week--dad had surgery monday, we're
waiting to hear about test results for my mom; I've been greatly slowed
down by a viscious flu and my car brakes died yesterday--so my apartment is
still half packed, my backpack is quite unpacked (it seems way too heavy
with just the basics, I'm not sure what's wrong yet) mail drops are half
baked and the itinerary is below.  
	Gear list will be out by tomorrow morning.  I'll be off email after Sat
afternoon (though I may have a hotmail address set up by then) and, barring
no other last minute medical surprises--knock wood--on trail by the 30th.

		Thanks for previous suggestions, they really helped!

3/30  Take off--yes am prob. doing the approach trail (what's another day
of going up, anyway)
4/03-4 neels gap--mail drop
4/09-10 Blueberry Patch--mail drop
4/14 Franklin--pos. resupply
4/17-18 Wesser, NOC mail drop
4/21 Fontana Dam mail drop
4/27-28 Davenport (mountain moma's? I'm very confused about the postings,
do they hold mail drops here, can I get groceries in the vicinity)?
5/01 Hot Springs  long term resupply, pos. mail drop
5/06-7 Erwin resupply--pos. mail drop (any reason to avoid this one?)
5/12-13 Dennis Cover/Kincora mail drop
5/17-18 Damascus resupply
5/23 Atkins pos mail drop?
5/25 Bastian resupply
5/28-29 Pearisburg VA maildrop
6/03-4 Troutville mail drop
6/07 Glasgow pos. resupply (or Montebello or Tyro)
6/13-14 Waynesboro VA mail drop and resupply
6/17 Big meadows resupply???
6/20 Linden mail drop
6/22 Bears den--rest/resupply
6/24 Harper's ferry resupply pos. mail drop
6/30 Boiling Springs PA resupply
7/05 Port Clinton mail drop
7/09-10 Delaware Water Gap--parents/resupply
7/13 Vernon or Milford resupply?
7/16-17 Bear Mountain resupply
7/20 Kent CT mail drop
7/22 Salisbury resupply?
7/24 Great Barrington pos. resupply
7/26-28 mail drop and resupply either at Cheshire or Greylock MA
7/30-31 Bennington resupply (or into Brattleboro for day)
8/03 Stratton resupply for pond and Griffith lake
8/06 Long Trail Inn resupply (mail drop or friends)
8/09 Norwich/Hanover resupply
8/12 Glencliff NH--mail drop (winter clothing)
8/14 North Woodstock NH resupply
8/19 Pinkham Notch--can I get food here?  
8/21-22 Gorham NH--mail drop
8/27 Rangeley--resupply
8/31 Stratton --resupply
9/02 Caratunk--mail drop
9/04 Monson--resupply, pos. mail drop?
Though I've read all the emails and books, getting supplied after this
point sounds incredibly confusing.  Can I maildrop food to myself somewhere
else before Katahdin?

This is about 20 mail drops, give or take a few, much more than I
originally wanted (was trying to make 15 my limit).  What seem the best
mail drops to keep?  Any that seem unnecessary up there?

	Again, fast comments much much much appreciated!  Thanks!
			ever itinerant EJ (not a trail name, just a fact of life)

1. 4/05  Hiawassee--prob. mailback point/pos. mail drop
2. 4/13  Fontana NC
3. 4/19  Passover stop (bad wine and a matzah?) and mail drop SOMEWHERE
before Hot Springs for supplies--hey, anyone out there having a seder?
(I'm not a religious bloke but this is like Christmas--one always goes home
for the seder, this will be a first time away from any relatives)
4. 5/02  Dennis Cove Tenn  OR  5/06 Damascus VA
5. 5/17  Pearisburg VA
6. 5/31  Waynesboro VA
7. 6/8-10 Bears Den or Harper's Ferry VA
8. 6/19  Duncannon PA
9. 6/27  Delaware Water Gap (mom and dad visit)
10. 7/04 Bear Mtn NY (box with transport to VT for friend's party hopefully)
11. 7/19 Bennington VT(prob. transport/drop by friends in area)
12. 7/31 Glencliff pos. mail drop
13. 8/08 Gorham NH
14. 8/15 Rangeley Me
15. 8/22 Monson Me

* in NJ, NY and VT people are going to try to meet me with supplies (hah,
we'll see).

**I'm trying to put in many extra days to enjoy Griffith lake and hiking
with some friends towards the end so this schedule is right now def. a week
or two off, even if my estimation of my own mileage is correct.  I actually
don't want to do hike it quite so fast (am aiming for early September or
ANYTIME not on a holiday to end).

*** after NJ my massage therapist has promised to meet me at some
trailheads with his table.  He says he'll offer free sessions to any
thru-hikers around then. (sometimes it pays to live in NE).

Anyway, how do these maildrops look?

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