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[at-l] Walasi-Yi at Neels Gap,GA - Good News.....

On Sunday, 3/19/00, I spoke to Dorothy at Walasi-Yi aka Neels Gap about 
their lease with the state of Georgia.  She says that their lease is set 
thru 2000 & the negotiations are going well for a lease after the yr 2000.  
Also the work to "upgrade" the septic situation (I believe a new septic 
field will be dug) has been decided on & should commence sometime this yr, 
maybe before the 2000 hiking season is over ("does hiking season ever 
end?").  When this work is done the hostel at Walasi-Yi should be able to 
re-open.  She seemed to be very upbeat about the whole situation.  This is 
definitely great news.  Check the Walasi-Yi site: 

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