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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

I get paid to be the Project Coordinator at the National Center for Forensic Science.  The NCFS is jointly funded by the National Institute of Justice and the State of Florida.  Our offices are on the campus of the University of Central Florida.  What does a Project Coordinator do?  Wish I could define it: negotiate contracts and plan events for meetings we're hosting, meet and greet Congresspersons at Technology Fairs in DC, write our publicity brochure, hire the staff and keep them as happy as possible, create (in obnoxious detail) budgets for the NCFS, ride herd on our projects and obligations, select the furniture for our new building, clean out the microwave when someone incinerates his afternoon popcorn.  And that's just one day.

So far we seem to be heavy into the writing profession.  I have a B.A. in English, a minor in technical writing, and lack one class for a M.A. in English.

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