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[at-l] Oxygen deprived...

Someone was kind enough to explain to me that my "looking for the digest
post" would only be productive if digesters read it when the next digest
comes out - duh - so when the next digest comes out, someone please send me
yesterdays digest(s) - after #1576 please, and before the one you are now
reading.  Let's see - I will probably get a hundred of them.  Okay, only
send me the digest(s) if your last name begins with an "A".  If I don't get
any, I'll repost asking "B" people to pass them on ... boy, I gotta get more

I cannot properly explain why I thought that non-digesters could send me a
digest, but that was the gist of my last post!!!  I am now reassessing my
mental health and will report back soon.  I am so damn happy that I'm
kicking off from Springer on April 2nd.  I believe my sanity will be found
near there.  Probably by the time I hit Three Forks...

Why is Newfoundland in such a screwy "half-an-hour-from-everyone-else" time
zone?  Those crazy newfys...

Pittsia OxygenDeprived-ovia

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