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[at-l] where's my digest...

I didn't receive a digest this evening.  There was other email I didn't
receive also (how would I know that?), even though other stuff did come in.
Hmmm, a mystery...

Anyway, someone please send me the digest - anything AFTER #1576 - repeat
AFTER #1576...

I am sending this email at 11:30pm eastern - 10:30pm central - 9:30pm
mountain - 8:30pm pacific - 12:00am Newfoundland time (hey, what's up with
that?) - SOOOOOO, if you are reading this in the morning or in tomorrows
digest, PLEASE IGNORE IT, because I am sure that some kind soul has already
sent me what I requested...

Pittsia DigestDeprived-ovia

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