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[at-l] southbounders wanted

HI, all -- GORP.com is still looking for southbounders to sponsor on the AT. 
We're looking for southbounders hiking on a traditional schedule, starting in 
or around June. We'e already chosen hikers for the PCT and the CDT, but, 
surprsingly, we haven't gotten a lot of response from AT hikers. 

We're the Web's biggest outdoor site, and we're willing to provide some cash, 
some gear, and an 8-ounce communications device for e-mail. You in turn will 
write some articles for us, evaluate gear, and do some Q&As with our readers. 

If you're interested, plese send me a letter that shows you can write well -- 
tell me why you're hiking the AT and why you think you'd be a good person for 
the project. I'm looking for people who are really committed to thru-hiking 
the trail, who can provide interesting commentary on what they're seeing and 

Karen Berger
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