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Re: [at-l] What Trail Angeling is all about

Speaking fo rmyself I have been out on some rather dreary days where I've 
not wanted to get moving from either my cozy tent or a shelter (notice 
how rain always sounds much worse on a tent?) and I've spent the hours 
reading a book or writing. I can be a very happy person just reading a 
book as I lounge about in camp. I'm sure other hikers have had similar 

I'm still trying to decide what book(s) to take on my hike. Should they 
be fiction, if so , wht type; non-fiction, same question applies; books 
that I have read before and know I'll enjoy like spending time with a 
good old friend; or, unread works that I may find just aren't interesting 
to me. Decisions decisions. 

  ** Ken **

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