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[at-l] TEHCC trail work...

Listers -

There is a trail work crew forming in coordination with the TEHCC (the
Tennessee Eastman Hiking Club maintains the trail from Spivey Gap to
Damascus) for a three days of trail on May 5, 6, & 7 (Fri-Sat-Sun).  The
crew leader will be Bob Peoples and we will be working in the Laurel Fork
Gorge area, near Hampton TN.  This is where I worked last year, and am very
excited about going back in.  This is a spectacular place.  I don't know
what the project will be - it may be just general maintenance - but it does
not really matter.  What matters is that we will be giving back...

Bob Peoples, and his wife Pat, are the operators of the Kincora Hostel -
which you have heard about recently.  We may be staying there (we would be
very welcome as long as thru-hikers are provided for first) - or we may be
staying in the gorge - or we may be staying at the other hostel in the
area - or a state run campground also in the area.  Regardlesss, we are in
for a fine time...

All you will need to bring is your backpacking gear and food for the three
days.  All tools will be provided...

Let me know if you can make it...
Jack, I'd love to see you there...


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