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[at-l] Tidbits......

Howdy Folks,

Am I breaking the rules? ;)

We got a little Easter suprise from Mrs. Gorp this morning here in Hiawassee.  Along with it was some snippage from the list of the do's and don'ts.  Although I've been carrying this pocketmail device, true to my aborted Trailplace journal in '97 I haven't written anything on the trail and wait until I'm in town to reflect on my thoughts.  It's not that I'm opposed to this particualar type of technology as I see it as passive and not a direct link to the outside world from the trail. I could as easily be writing my thoughts on paper, sending them to a transcriper and having them posted on a website.  Some use library computers and others write their personal journals nightly. So what's the diferrence?  My opinion, common courtesy should prevail.

As anyone knows that has hiked Georgia, there are quite a few unofficial campsites with multiple fire rings.  An area that holds four tents may have 4 different fire rings.  The other day, I had the time and removed a couple of the unsightly fire rings.  Sure hope I don't get fined fortidying up the trail!

On a more serious note, it's wet and cold down here! Not like the Georgia I've hiked in before.  Most of the hikers are holding up quite well considering the conditions and the trail has a unique beauty in the rain, mist and fog. Occasionly we get a view.  

Many, but not all of the shelters have been packed with Deep Gap Shelter holding 17 wet, enthusiastic hikers last night.  Many of them bailed out to come here to dry out and resupply, as yesterday's hike from Tray Mountain had rain, ryme ice or horforst dropping from the trees.

Although the trail seems crowded in places I don't thing there are any more numbers out here in 2000 than any other year, but I may be wrong.  Not that many of the hikers have trailnames yet and no one seems to be in a hurry to get one.

The mice aren't all bad.  This morning, one caring, one left a handful of gorp in each of my boots.  Good stuff, yum!

Tomorrow we'll be taking an easy out, most likely be staying at or near the Plumorchard Shelter and crossing into NC the folowing day.  Our expected arrival in Franklin will be Saturday, where we'll be staying at the Franklin Motel where we left ourselves a food drop on the way down.  After that I hope Cheryl will be able to increase her milage a bit, but overall she's doing fine and enjoying herself.  North Carolina will bring her into new territory that she's never hiked and she's looking foward to that.

On a final note, we made it through Georgia without seeing Auntie Coosa, only evidence of her!

Time to do some chores, perhaps later, I'll check in again.


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