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[at-l] For a laugh

Reposted by permission. . . .  Give y'all something to think about on
Monday morning <g>. .

Subject:  For a laugh

>>Hey Guys,

A trail story of recent:

A friend of mine is hiking the AT and leaving Springer merely a week ago
has already found disaster lurking around the next corner.  Along with the
misery of blistered feet and ice covered paths he has also encountered a
separate problem which unfortunately will be with him for a while.  The
evening after going to bed his dog began to whine.  He figured that yet
another mouse was in his pack and crawled out of his tent to chase the
persistent creatures away.  Upon opening his backpack he surprised none
than a black creature with a rather vivid white stripe.  It is my
understanding that Tim is currently a rather fragrant individual at this
moment and not with the normal hiker stench.  My vote is for a trail name
"Skunk Man."

Approximately 15 hikers passed Max's Patch today. . .the onslaught begins.

Happy Trails!

What a way to start the trail. . .


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