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[at-l] I'm off...

Well, it's time for me to turn my back on this campfire and head off.  In
seven more days I'll be joining the class of 2000 as I walk up Springer
Mountain early Monday morning.  I've enjoyed (most) of the time spent on
this list, but am gladly trading in my e-mail for the white blazes.

No, I'm not taking a 'puter or a cell phone, I don't plan on being rescued,
and I am indifferent about the prospects of encountering the moderator of
that other list.  I do hope, however, to randomly bump into a few of you
along the way.

I'll leave you with this little quote from singer/songwriter Greg Brown-

"My friends are gettin older,
so I guess I must be too.
Without their loving kindness,
I don't know what I'd do.
Oh the wine bottle's half empty--
the money's all spent.
And we're a cross between our parents
and hippies in a tent."

"Love calls like the wild birds--
it's another day.
A Spring wind blew my list of
things to do...away."

Paul Haan
Grand Rapids MI

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