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Re: [at-l] historical walks - Antietam

> to make your own adventure.  I followed the Creek, this is not
> a trail nor
> is it the best route, to the Antietam Civil War Battle Ground.
> http://www.nps.gov/anti/home.htm  I spent three days here using
> the battle
> ground trails, NPS maps, a compass, some bushwhacking and
> stealth camping exploring the site.

Probably the definitive work on the Battle Of Antietam is the
book called Antietam - The Soldiers' Battle by John Michael
Priest. What's interesting about having this book while you're on
the battlefield grounds is the book details individual
sub-battles of the three major battle areas at Antietam -- battle
maps, photos (yes, photography existed there but most photos are
post-battle since it normally took days for photographers to
arrive at the scene of any battle), and soldier antecdotes about
the sub-battles.

Here's a link to an animated battle map of the Battle of Antietam
(give the map time to load into your browser) -- the battle map
shows what went on during different times of the day during the
Battle of Antietam:

Here's general information about the Battle of Antietam:

Here are photos of battlefield areas as they look today:


PS: By the way, at one of the on-site houses during the Battle of
Antietam, a cannon ball blasted the house owner's adjacent
beehives, causing Union and Confederate solders alike to run away
from the battle with bees chasing them into the woods.

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