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[at-l] historical walks - I did this one

The C & O Canal Towpath(185 miles) is a great historical hike.  Give
yourself plenty of time to wander off the trail to explore.  Purchasing the
"Towpath Guide to the C & O Canal" by Thomas Hahn can enrich your
experience.  I enjoyed this hike a lot.  I did a loop hike the first time I
hiked on the C & O.  I started at Harpers Ferry, WV.  You can leave your
vehicle at the NPS patrolled parking area if you pay the day fee and let
them know your plans.  The ATC Headquarters is located in Harpers Ferry.
While visiting the AT Headquarters you can join, if your not a member, the
ATC.  I went west on the C & O to Antietam Creek.(10 miles)   Now it is time
to make your own adventure.  I followed the Creek, this is not a trail nor
is it the best route, to the Antietam Civil War Battle Ground.
http://www.nps.gov/anti/home.htm  I spent three days here using the battle
ground trails, NPS maps, a compass, some bushwhacking and stealth camping
exploring the site.  Next go in a easterly direction towards Crampton Gap
(Gathland State Park 8 +/- miles) There is a monument here to war
correspondents.  The only one in the country.   The AT passes through here.
You can go north on the AT to Crampton Gap Shelter to stay overnight.  Going
south on the AT will bring you back to Harpers Ferry.(10 miles).  I enjoyed
this loop hike a lot.

Beau Bushor N1MJD
    "bleeder guy"

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